Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearing issues occur due to poorly sealed bearing or lack of lubrication. These are a set of steel balls that are held together by a metal ring. The main function of the wheel bearings is to enable the wheel to rotate freely for a smooth drive. Wheel bearings are a crucial part of the wheel assembly that connect the wheel and the axle. When these do not function properly more friction is placed on the wheel that eventually starts wobbling.

Function and importance of wheel bearings:
  • Are responsible for stable driving behaviour
  • Supply the wheel speed information for the ABS system
  • Designed to reduce friction
  • Well working wheel bearings contribute to fuel economy
  • Designed and dimensioned to withstand high loads and high levels of environmental stress

Function and importance of wheel bearings:
  • Metallic rolling sounds from under the car
  • Groaning and whining sound from the wheels of the car
  • Disappearing sounds at different speeds

You must take your vehicle to get it checked out as soon as you hear these sounds. Your vehicle’s wheels can even get locked up due to worn out wheel bearings. Avoid costly repairs and bring in the car to Dashmesh Auto for a checkup of the health of your wheel bearings.