18 Mar, 2023

Filing Insurance Claims

To fully assess the damage, make sure you're secure and that no one is hurt. If there are any injuries, contact 911 immediately and get medical care. Move your car to a safe area if possible, but never move it if it is blocking traffic or posing a hazard.

Examine the vehicle for apparent damage such as dents, scratches, or shattered glass. Check for any fluid leaks or tyre damage as well. Do not attempt to start the car if the engine or gearbox has been damaged. This might result in additional harm and put you in danger. Take photographs of the damage next. This will serve as documentation for your insurance company and may also be utilised to demonstrate the degree of the damage to the repair business.

Gather all pertinent information before making an insurance claim, such as the other driver's insurance information, the police report, and the images you took of the damage. Call your insurance carrier and follow their claim procedures. Prepare to provide precise details regarding the collision and car damage.