Detailing & Cleaning Services

Extensive Detailing

Dust, dirt, and bacteria may build in microscopic cracks and crannies in door jambs, dashboard panels, and cup holders.

Detailing Tires

Keeping your tires clean has two advantages: improved traction and handling. While we clean and check your tires and rims, we look for debris or other irregularities that may signal it's time to replace them.

Cleaning the Trunk

We can remove tough stains and odors from your trunk with our trunk wash and vacuum service.

Cleaning the Engine

While the right engine degreaser can shine up your engine, it will also remove road dirt, which will increase its performance. The more dirt we remove from the outside of your engine, the less likely it is that particles will enter your filter.

Sealant and hand waxing

You can retain the shine on your car and avoid dirt accumulation by using our high-quality wax and sealant services. Each option is meticulously applied by our expert specialists for the best coverage and protection.

Plastic and headlight restoration

Road debris, UV rays, and regular use may all damage and discolour your headlights. Thanks to our superb restoration services, your headlights may be returned to their former brilliance without the need for costly headlight lens replacement.

Getting Rid of Salt Stains

Winters in Canada can be really difficult on our vehicles. We remove road salt stains before they can cause harm or corrosion.

Professional Pet Hair Removal

We utilize vacuum attachments developed exclusively for removing pet hair and dander. Anybody who is allergic to or sensitive to pets should take this therapy.

Leather Preparation

Preserving the suppleness and fade resistance of your leather interior may be accomplished by washing and conditioning the material on a regular basis.

Elimination of Stains and Odors

We use environmentally friendly ways to remove tough stains and odors.