Vehicle Detailing

At Dashmesh Auto, we offer complete interior and exterior detailing for your vehicle. Our vehicles go through a lot on a daily basis with exposure to dust, grime, salt on the road, snow, air contaminants etc. Rust and metallic particles penetrate your car's surface leaving the finish feeling rough and gritty. It is essential to keep your vehicle clean inside and out to increase the longevity and resale value. Our vehicles start getting musty odors, stains and other unpleasant smells due to everyday use. It is imperative to get the vehicle detailing done every three to six months. Interior detailing will ensure that your car stays clean on the inside and stay free of any allergens and smells. Exterior coating protects your vehicle from sun’s Ultraviolet rays and oxidation which can cause a dull and hazy finish. Come in and talk to us about restoring the beautiful finish of your car via exterior detailing. We will also give you tips on how to maintain it on a weekly and monthly basis between professional detailing.