Paint & Refinishing Services

No matter how careful you are, your vehicle can get scratches or dents, many times with no fault of yours. We understand how scratches on your vehicle can bother you each time you see them. We are experts at fixing everything from the most minor scratches on your vehicle to a complete paint job. At Dashmesh Auto, we have years of experience on how to do the perfect job so that any spot painting will be seamless. There are several steps involved in fixing the scratches:

  • We sand the area thoroughly down to the metallic surface
  • We then apply the primer so that risk of rusting can be minimized
  • We mend and blend the dents with precision
  • We apply the matching surface paint
  • And finally, we add last step of the finish to give your car’s body it’s mirror-like finish

Give us a call today so that we can give you an estimate for the paint job and the time required to give your car its original glorious look.