Exhaust & Muffler

The exhaust system is located on the underside of your vehicle and is responsible for collecting and directing harmful emissions away from the vehicle. It safely moves the exhaust gas from the engine out to the tail pipes. It also treats the exhaust to remove harmful pollutants as well as acts as a muffler. The four main components of an Exhaust system are muffler, resonator, catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor. All of these components should be working and in excellent condition to ensure efficiency and safety of your vehicle at all times.

Indications of a faulty Exhaust System:
  • Loud noises during acceleration
  • Ticking sounds
  • Rattling noises when starting the vehicle
  • Excessive idling of the vehicle
  • Vibrations in the vehicle
  • You feel drowsiness while driving (this may be a serious sign that fumes are leaking through the vents and into the cabin interior)
  • Sharp odors
  • Signs of rust or cracks in any component of your exhaust system (indicate corrosion)
  • Check Engine Lights turn on

Apart from a full overhaul, we provide the following:

We repair:

  • Cat Back
  • Turbo Back
  • Muffler
  • Expansion Chamber
  • Single Exhaust System
  • Metal Ducting

We Replace:

  • Silencer
  • Turned Header
  • Resonator
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Diesel Exhaust Pipe
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Sheath

Give us a call at Dashmesh Auto so we can carry out a full inspection of the Exhaust System if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms. Save yourself costly repairs in the future.