Check Engine Light

“Check Engine Light” indicator becomes a concern for a lot of people as soon as it turns on. Although not always a serious issue, it should be checked out by a licensed mechanic. All the late model cars are equipped with complicated systems and sensors, for example, the power train from the fuel supply, brakes, electrical systems, air conditioning and even tire pressure. When the computer system detects a problem with anything in the vehicle the light comes on and is an early indicator of something that is not working perfectly. Instead of feeling stressed out or ignoring this important light on your dashboard, bring the vehicle in to Dashmesh Auto and we will scan the computer system to find out where the issue is. It could be something very simple that can be fixed right away or an indication that something serious is wrong with your vehicle. In that case, it is best to get it checked out sooner than later to avoid costly repairs later on. Give us a call today if you see the “check engine light” on your dashboard for a quick check.