Brake Service / Repair

One of the most important components of the car to ensure safety are properly working brakes. Your vehicle will give you ample signs that the brakes are not working to their optimal level. It is best not to ignore these signs as your safety while driving might be compromised.

Indications you need to get your brakes checked:
  • The brake pedal is low, hard, soft or spongy
  • During braking your vehicle loses grip
  • It feels like your car pulls to either left or right when braking
  • The steering wheel stutters, or is moving and shaking when braking
  • You hear a high-pitched squeak or grinding noises when the brakes are applied
  • Vehicle wobbles at high speeds
  • Brake warning lights are on
As part of our check-up for your brakes, we inspect and repair the following:
  • Front Brake Pads/Shoes
  • Front Calipers
  • Front Brake Hoses/Clips/Springs
  • Rear Brake Pads/Shoes
  • Brake Fluid
  • Parking Brake (Adjustment)
  • Front Brake Disc Rotors/Drums (Replacement)
  • Rear Brake Disc Rotors/Drums (Repair)

If you hear any unusual noises or feel any vibrations, it is extremely important for you to bring in your car to Dashmesh Auto. We will do a full inspection of the health of your brakes and advise you accordingly.