Battery Replacement

At an average a car battery can last up to five years with regular maintenance. Unfortunately, most people forget about this extremely important component of their vehicle and end up being suddenly stranded with a dead battery. Anything that requires electrical energy in the vehicle is powered by the battery, for example, the spark plugs, glow plugs, starter motor and all electronic applications.

A dying battery can be indicated by the following:
  • Headlights seem dimmer than usual
  • Heating or A/C are not functioning to full capacity
  • The vehicle takes time to turn on

If you are experiencing any of these, it is time to get your battery checked out immediately. It is a good idea to have your battery tested annually to ensure that it is in proper working condition.

Some tips about your vehicle’s battery:
  • Annual maintenance and cleaning are recommended
  • Do not run down your battery
  • Keeping the headlights on, watching media with the car off and even short city trips can deplete the battery much earlier than expected
  • Dirt and grease on the battery should be cleaned immediately

At Dashmesh Auto, we check your vehicle thoroughly when you bring it in. Any signs of corrosion on your battery which can be caused by rain and snow should be taken care of sooner than later. Also, remember that each vehicle is different and you need to be familiar with the owners’ manual for specifications of your car’s battery. Increase the life of your battery by bringing it in to us today. We will give you tips on how to maintain it to get the most out of your battery.